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America For Music


The America For Music Project

Hurricane Harvey has left a wake of damage in Texas. Musicians are struggling to repair and replace the instruments and gear that made them money, that was their creative outlet, that was their emotional relief. These instruments were heirlooms, they were friends, they were one-of-a-kind, they were old beaters, they were brand-new, they were birthday presents, they were saved up for, they were loved. It is now up to us to come together in order help these musicians put the pieces of their passion back together. 

If you have friends and family that have been affected, reach out to them, show them they are not alone. Send cloths, daily supplies, love... The amount of desperation felt in one's heart after an event like this is truly unimaginable if you have never experienced it. 

From my shop to yours, I wish you nothing but the best.

-Chelsea Clark


If you are the owner or manager of an instrument repair shop that would like to help:

The amount of damaged instruments is far to large for one shop to take on alone. From the need for volunteers to help do the initial cleaning and evaluation, to having shops across the US take one repairs appropriate to there skill set, we can work together to help these musicians get the quality repairs and customer service the deserve, in a reasonable amount of time. If you are interested in getting involved by donating time or opening your doors to insurance claim repairs, please click on the photo to the left for more information.  

If you are an individual or company wanting to donate materials:

With the help from skilled luthiers and repair techs across the US, these instruments will get the time and attention they deserve. But, past the labor, from strings, glue, wood, electronics and hardware, to boxes and packaging materials the list for tactical needs will grow. If you would like to donate materials to the musicians of Texas please click the photo to the right to get more information on how to do so. 


if you'd like to make a FINANCIAL donation........

If you are a musician affected by Hurricane Henry:

Help is here. As bad as your instrument may look, it's most likely repairable! You are not alone, and all is not lost. The America For Music Project will help you recover and repair your damaged instruments! Please click the photo to the left to start the process to recovery.