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Bridge Reset $180

This is for acoustic instruments, when your bridge is lifting or has come off! It is almost guaranteed that this will happen in a lifetime of a guitar, and here is why.... In a lot of cases this happens because the adhesive had failed - dried out, old, too much displaced tension, or has been exposed to inappropriate temperatures or moisture. The bridge is a very important part of a guitar's structure - in a way, it's the designed "breaking point". Meaning the bridge takes on the most responsibly, and if it doesn't come up, displaced tension can lead to a lot of other bad issues. A healthy, secure bridge helps evenly distribute the string tension amongst the sound board (top) and the bracing. But, when a bridge starts coming off, this can lead to a domino effect of really bad issues - your sound board belly can start bulging, braces can come loose, action is high, intonation is off. To assure that the bridge is properly secure, a full "reset" is needed - that way all of the old, compromised adhesive can be cleaned off, any wood splintering can be repaired, and fresh adhesive can used to assure a 25 year repair life!