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   Please feel free to email me any questions or comments you may have. If this is a repair inquiry, remember to tell me the make, model and year of the instrument - along with what the issues are. Thanks!




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America For Music

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    My name is Chelsea Clark, I am the owner and operator of Guitars And Caffeine, an instrument restoration shop in Los Angeles, CA. I am working on coordinating a relief project called “America for Music” that will help Texas’ musicians save their instruments after this devastating event. 

    I have personally been involved in many instrument restorations with damage caused by natural disasters - floods, fires and tornadoes. But, as you can imagine, with Hurricane Harvey affecting such a large area, there will be too many instruments for one repair shop to take on. While some musicians will have insurance that covers the cost of repairs, finding the right repair shop may be difficult. Unfortunately, many policies will not cover the cost of such extensive repairs, let alone hardware replacement and basic accessories. In addition, shipping costs can range between $150-$300 per instrument one-way.

    My plan is to help clean and evaluate instruments in my own shop and with Texas music stores, then coordinate with repair shops across the US that are appropriately skilled to take on the needs of each individual instrument. In doing so, I will be asking for a lot of favors from my fellow builders and repairers, and would love to lessen any burden by partnering up with your company. Donations from shipping companies, guitar manufacturers, and string companies could really help make a big difference, by providing free shipping services, packaging materials, and/or basic accessories and instrument repair materials. 

    I believe that with your company’s support and donations we can not only help preserve America’s musical past, but also help create a stronger foundation for future musicians. 



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