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Sunday 3-5pm

 Monday 11am-1pm and 3-5pm

Thursday 11am-1pm and 3-5pm

Friday 11am-1pm and 3-5pm

   Please feel free to email me any questions or comments you may have. If this is a repair inquiry, remember to tell me the make, model and year of the instrument - along with what the issues are. Thanks!




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Musician Affected:

We understand how hard this time is for you. We'll be doing out absolute best to make sure you and your instrument are taken care of. If you have insurance, we will help you with the claim. If you do not have insurance we will do our best to help lessen cost of the repair. 

After you have completed the form below, please feel free to send photos of your damaged instruments via email with the *Subject Title (your first and last name, AFM) to:


****Please give us 48 hours to respond. As you can imagine we are receiving a lot of inquires and are doing our best to provide each and every person with the time and respect they deserve. By filling out this form you are claiming that the damage of your instrument was caused by Hurricane Harvey. By stating that you do not have insurance, you are claiming that you have not and do not have the ability to ever get a finanical return back on listed instruments do to the damaged caused by Hurricane Harvey from insurance companies or other relief programs. 


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