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Age Is Irrelevant: The Story of a 1936 LG-0

This Gibson LG-0 was bought, brand new, in 1937 by a girl who gifted it to her blind brother. For 60 years this guitar was played out without ever having a case or a craftsman to do repairs. As you will notice, a bluebird decal was stuck on the treble side, top, just behind the bridge, in the late 1950s. Two holes were pierced through the top so that a collection-can could be tied to the guitar- allowing the blind player to collect tips while playing and deter anyone from stealing them. 

I was asked to restore this wonderful Gibson. As you'll see in the photos, modifications were made over time to the bridge, saddle, nut, top, tailpiece added; because there was no case the finish had gathered smoke and mildew; cracks and holes were abundant.

At the bottom of this page you will see a video of the original owner playing her guitar after 70 years. She was in her early 90's at the time, and had been in a terrible depression. As soon as the guitar reached her hands, I kid you not, she became a totally different person - singing, playing, she even got up and danced... the transformation, as it truly should be called, was unbelievable. Breath taking. It reminds me how powerful music is.

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